Balloon Flight Over Melbourne City

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BalloonMan is proud of the balloon adventure tours we conduct and would like to give credit to those who work with us.


Have you seen our new FOX 101.9 balloon and Triple M balloon in the skies over Melbourne – we’ve recently acquired two new balloons
FOX 101.9 and Triple M are now advertising with us.


We would like to thank four brilliant photographers whose skills we have been lucky enough to utilise to capture some spectacular sights on our balloon adventure tours. A selection of their shots are presented throughout our website. Do yourself a favour and visit:


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Anaconda the adventure playground, you provide the adventure and they will provide the equipment. – great for all your adventure needs.


BalloonMan has agreements set in place with Parks Victoria allowing us balloon access to many open spaces in metropolitan Melbourne during our adventure tours. Please visit

The Bureau of Meteorology assists us each morning when making decisions regarding your balloon ride, they make our life that much easier. Please visit for more information on the bureau.

Ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime?