Top Tips To Ensure Your First Flight

In A Hot Air Balloon In Melbourne Is An Uplifting One

Watching the sun rise over the horizon while floating high above Melbourne in a hot air balloon is one of the most magical experiences you can have. If you’re booking a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne, make your high-flying adventure a memorable one with these top tips from the experts.

Schedule your hot air balloon trip at the beginning of your holiday

Hot air balloon flights are very dependent on the weather conditions of that day. Scheduling your flight as early in your time in Melbourne as possible and by allowing some flexibility in your itinerary, you can give yourself the opportunity to reschedule your flight; should the weather not be suitable for a balloon flight on the day you have initially chosen.

Dress comfortably

Hot air balloon tours in Melbourne are always flown early in the mornings.

We recommend you wear what feels most comfortable for you at that time in the morning, dependant on season and time of year. Hot air balloons don’t normally fly high enough for the actual temperature to drop and you will find it is, warmer once we leave the ground. There is no wind chill, as you are drifting with the wind, at the same speed, the sun is rising, naturally warming the air and the burners act like heaters, generating a nice warmth for everyone in the balloon basket. Wearing extra clothing, thinking it will be colder in the balloon is not recommended.

Comfort is key as is wearing shoes (preferably closed-toe) that you’re happy to get a little dirty and ones you can easily climb into and out of the basket with.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!

This is easily forgotten. The day of your scheduled flight begins before sunrise so taking along a pair of sunglasses may not be one of the things you will remember to pack. They will come in handy when the sun rises.

Take along only the essentials

Packing lightly is even more of a necessity on a hot air balloon ride. Space in the basket is limited and you will be part of a group. Your list of essential items should but need not include a mobile phone and a camera. In fact, when you fly with BalloonMan, you don’t really need to bring a camera, as we will be taking some great photos, that we will give you as part of your whole ballooning experience with us.

Check out our Gallery

Plus, when you fly with BalloonMan, you’ll also be lucky enough to receive something nobody else in the world provides to their passengers: a video of your flight.

Video Gallery

Ensure anything you bring on the flight is well secured to your person. You don’t want to make your flight memorable for having dropped your camera. Aviation Regulations dictate that we are not permitted to have selfie sticks used during the flight. Bags and backpacks can be left secure in our vehicle whilst you are flying.

Experience Melbourne from a different perspective.

Your Chief Pilot and host Chris Shorten, aka BalloonMan has more than 24 years’ experience flying hot air balloons over the city of Melbourne, ensuring that your hot air balloon ride over Melbourne provides you with a lifetime’s worth of memories.

What we offer at BalloonMan is a premium boutique flight, small group tours of no more than 10 passengers, at the end of your morning flight, we recommend you include a delicious 5-Star champagne breakfast, which is served at Grand Hyatt in Collins Kitchen.

We have our breakfast in our very own private dining room, which is simply the perfect way to celebrate such an unforgettable experience.