Hot Ballooning Melbourne

Book Hot Ballooning Experiences over Melbourne for Breathtaking Views

Embark on an enthralling journey by booking a hot ballooning experience over Melbourne which enables you to experience the mesmerising and spectacular view from our wicker basket.

Benefits of BalloonMan

There is no wind rushing in your ears as you drift through the air in a hot air balloon over Melbourne city. Some have likened it to a surreal experience where you’re no longer a part of this world. Instead, you feel as though you’re an outsider who gazes down on stately buildings while humankind awakens, with views of a magnificent sunrise which leaves you speechless as you soar by in awe-struck silence.

  • Family friendly: This is one experience your entire family can enjoy. From the age of six, children can accompany an adult on a balloon ride. We have no age limit, as long as you can climb into the basket, you are welcome to fly with us.
  • Experience: We only employ CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) certified pilots. Our chief pilot, Chris Shorten, started flying in 1993 and now has over 3500 hours of flying experience. The pilot, ground crew and office staff strive to ensure your experience is memorable and pleasant.
  • Safety and certification: We have obtained our Civil Aviation Safety Authority, air operator certificate VT598425-01. All our ballooning equipment is current with appropriate avionics equipment on board. To ensure your safety, we continually refine our safety procedures and operate in line with industry best-practice guidelines.

Fun Facts About Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne City

This outdoor activity is weather dependent. A gentle breeze carries you away under a balloon of hot air. The process is both intriguing and enigmatic. Here are a few interesting facts to enlighten you.

  • Where did hot air ballooning originate? Would you believe that the first balloon passenger flight took place in France in 1783? This timeline gives this sport and travel method a long and gracious history. During 1967 the modern, safe form of ballooning launched, and the passion for inflating large envelopes or pockets with hot air to travel overland has been growing ever since.
  • How is the lift obtained? Put simply, when we heat the air in the balloon, it becomes less dense than the surrounding air, to facilitate lift-off.
  • How much gas do we require for the flight? Depending on conditions, basket and carrying weight, we use approximately 150 to 200 litres of propane gas for a one-hour flight. However, we always take additional gas to ensure we never run out.

Why Trust BalloonMan Regarding a Hot Balloon Experience In Melbourne

Our balloon rides have been gently gliding over Melbourne for the last two decades, and our air operator’s certificate is your guarantee that we operate within all rules and regulations as stipulated by CASA and that we have passed all their rigorous audits to be compliant with safety legislation.

Take a glide to the calm side, ring us up to book a memorable experience.