Covid-19 Statement

BalloonMan is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees, their families and our passengers.
All BalloonMan Pilots and Crew are fully vaccinated, and we require all of our passengers to be fully vaccinated, or provide evidence of valid medical exemption..

BalloonMan keeps records to show compliance with the COVIDSafe Settings.
BalloonMan uses  the Victorian Government QR Code Service to check-in staff and customers.

BalloonMan displays QR Code posters at each public entrance to the premises (both indoor and outdoor) and all passengers are required to check-in and show vaccination status at this point of the morning’s activities.
BalloonMan requires all passengers and staff to wear a mask, this applies to everyone aged 8 and above whilst travelling in our vehicles. Passengers and staff are not required to wear a mask for the outdoor component of our activities, although we strongly recommend a face mask be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be easily maintained.

We require all passengers to advise us of their vaccination status at the time of booking flights, and all passengers are required to show evidence of this at check-in on the day of your flight.

Passengers who arrive at check-in and are unable to provide evidence of vaccination status, or  evidence of valid medical exemption on the day of their flight will not be flown, and will be treated as “NO SHOWS”.

NO SHOWS will not be re-booked or refunded. BalloonMan reserves the right to offer these passengers a “standby” option on another day, at our discretion, however this standby option cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances. (This does not apply to passengers with a valid medical exemption).

Throughout this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic BalloonMan has taken practical steps and implemented robust measures to ensure the welfare of all passengers and staff.

We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and we are keeping up to date with the latest Victorian State Government and public health agencies’ advice.

Moreover, we are keeping everyone updated on the actions being taken to limit risks of transmission in the workplace.

We ensure all of our staff are adhering to social-distancing regulations. Enhanced hygiene practices have been implemented and information about improved hygiene is regularly shared.

Employees have been advised of the steps to be carried out if they have COVID-19 symptoms at work or outside of work and if they are contacted by BalloonMan in the event that they have been in “close contact” with a suspected COVID-19 case at work.

We also have services at hand to deep clean our aircraft, vehicles and business premises immediately should any potential cases be identified, so that our guests, their friends and families, and our staff are safe, and our magnificent balloon flights can continue to operate safely. 

If, on the day of a booked flight, a passenger is unable to meet our vaccination criteria in effect at the time, we will offer a “standby flight” at a later date, at our discretion and this will be subject to availability. (Please see our standby Terms and Conditions on our website)

If a passenger displays any symptoms suspected by our staff to be covid related, we reserve the right to refuse to carry that person and anyone in their group. Any such individuals will be offered a flight on a standby basis. (Please see our standby Terms and Conditions on our website)

Any travel costs, or any other costs associated with cancellation and re-booking will be the responsibility of the passenger, and will not be met by Balloon Flights over Melbourne Pty Ltd t/a BalloonMan.

Covid Marshalls
Although our flights take place very early in the morning, we do occasionally have members of the public watching our activities.

Our ground crew and pilots have been trained to keep our passengers at a safe distance from members of the general public, at all stages of preparation, flight, pack-up and travel, our staff keep passengers socially distanced from each other and from the general public at all times.


Under no circumstances, will we tolerate intimidation or abuse directed towards any of our staff.

If you have any questions please:
Email Us

or send via mail to:
PO BOX 2168
Richmond South
Victoria 3121.