For Spectacular Views, Take an Epic Balloon Tour over Melbourne

To view a constantly shifting panorama, the best vantage point is in a wicker basket on a balloon tour over Melbourne. Creating memorable moments for our passengers motivates us, and we have received the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for Four consecutive years, since 2017.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Balloon Sunrise over Melbourne

Selecting the correct operator for this, typically once in a lifetime experience, ensures an informative, exciting and extraordinary flight. Being prepared is paramount to your comfort and safety. The basket is stable during flight and offers photographers awe-inspiring opportunities to capture magnificent images.

  • Booking: Schedule your balloon ride at the beginning of your holiday to allow for flexibility in your schedule in case of inclement weather. Avoid disappointment by paying for your flight within 48 hours of booking to secure your spot in the basket. Our online booking facilities are convenient, and we accept Visa, MasterCard and direct deposits as forms of payment. Enquire about our Buy-Now-Pay-Later plan.
  • Packages: Select a package to complement the experience over Melbourne. Consider including a 5-star champagne breakfast, or for the golf enthusiast, we have an exciting package right on par for your enjoyment.
  • Clothing and essentials: As this is an audience participation experience, avoid light coloured clothing and high heels. We often land in fields which may be wet, and closed shoes and socks with trousers are well-suited to the experience. Temperatures in the balloon are similar to those on the ground but consider a hat for protection from the radiant heat generated from the burners. Remember your sunglasses and don’t bring a selfie stick along; it is against flight regulations. View our checklist for further guidance.

Related Services We Provide to Ballooning over Melbourne

A balloon ride over Melbourne is an exceptional experience in its own right; we enhance the experience by offering a few additional services to produce an unforgettable experience.

  • Gift Vouchers and boxes: To gift an experience is a unique way to express gratitude, offer recognition, show love and value a friendship. Purchase gift vouchers or gift boxes which we can deliver in the Melbourne area at an additional fee.
  • Wake-up call: The weather is out of our control, consequently, after confirming we will have favourable conditions for the flight, Chris, our pilot, gives you a wake-up call where after we meets all passengers at Grand Hyatt. If you are staying at one of the Melbourne city hotels, complimentary hotel transfer is available.
  • Complimentary extras: After enjoying a ride with us, we issue our passengers with an official Post Flight certificate, provide them with a 3D-digital map of their balloon flight, free in-flight photos and video as well as an exciting surprise item or two.

Why BalloonMan Is Cost Effective

We offer a boutique balloon ride experiences, at budget-friendly prices, including complimentary transfers between Melbourne city hotels, the lift-off area and the landing field. Our free on board, photos, videos and complimentary gifts ensure that a balloon ride with us is splendid value for money.

Become a balloonist over Melbourne in a hot air balloon ride with the BalloonMan. Contact us for further information.