Balloon Rides Over Melbourne

Let Us Show You the Sunrise with Balloon Rides over Melbourne

Have you ever had a dream where you were flying effortlessly through the sky? With balloon rides over Melbourne gravity is no longer your master, the earth drifting past underneath you in a romantic dance between you and the wind. That magical feeling of excitement deeply resonates with you and stays with you even after you awake. Capture that feeling and bring it into reality with a hot balloon ride in Melbourne.

What You Can Expect from BalloonMan on a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Melbourne

BalloonMan is the boutique balloon operator offering luxury balloon flights over Melbourne and Bendigo. By choosing to fly with BalloonMan, you are choosing to fly with the best in the business.

  • Experience – BalloonMan has been hot air ballooning over Melbourne for over 20 years. We offer top-notch customer service and planning that only experience provides. All the logistics are done for you and all you must focus on is enjoying the ride.
  • Quality – Small group, boutique tours are offered seven days a week in fair weather, ensuring guests receive quality over quantity. No overcrowding or rubbing elbows here, plenty of space and more importantly attention from your pilot is undivided providing knowledge of the area and addressing any questions you may have.
  • Safety – Passenger safety is paramount: all pilots are holders of Commercial Pilot Licenses issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). BalloonMan holds an Air Operator’s Certificate 598425. We undergo rigorous safety audits and regular safety training to remain compliant with relevant legislation.

Not only can your dreams come true with a balloon flight; BalloonMan ensures the experience is beyond your wildest dreams. We are the premier balloon operator offering an experience unlike any other.

What sets BalloonMan Apart Regarding a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne

A gentle balloon trip offers a simply breathtaking flying experience. Imagine soaring into a beautiful sunrise, watching the world awake beneath you from your perch above it all. Ditch the wings and share in the wonder and romantic elegance that is hot air ballooning.

  • Bubbly? – After a breathtaking flight over Melbourne, indulge in a 5-star champagne breakfast at Grand Hyatt.
  • White or Red? – After flights in Bendigo, dine in style at Balgownie Estate Winery where the only problem on your mind will be whether to have another glass or not. (Go for it, you deserve it.)
  • Novelty – Join the exclusive club who have experienced the magic, mystery, and wonder of hot air ballooning. There is an air of secrecy behind hot air ballooning, and one has to experience it to truly understand.

Why a Hot Balloon Ride in Melbourne is Cost-Effective?

Life is ultimately about experiences. A trip in a balloon is cost-effective in that the experience will catalyse these memories into your life forever. The look on your significant other’s face set with a gorgeous sunrise backdrop, sharing in the laughter and elation of your closest friends as you lift off the earth, or the feeling of being at one with nature floating with the wind versus cutting hastily through it, is priceless.
Reach out, grab your dreams, and pull them into reality with BalloonMan. Contact us today to book your flight online.