Balloon Ride Melbourne

Book a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Melbourne with BalloonMan for the Experience of a Lifetime

BalloonMan will take you on a hot-air balloon ride over Melbourne you’ll never forget. If a hot-air balloon ride isn’t on your “bucket list” – it should be! There’s no better way to watch the sunrise and see the beautiful sights of Melbourne and the Yarra Valley than on a ballooning adventure, and we’ve been thrilling customers for over 20 years.

Benefits of an Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne

A balloon flight is an extraordinary experience that will thrill your senses and leave you with a lifetime of memories. If you’ve been thinking about a unique way to commemorate a special occasion or simply treat yourself to something unusual, an air balloon ride over Melbourne is what you need. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • A truly joyous feeling of drifting with the wind like a bird, safe and secure in our sturdy, suede-lined wicker baskets.
  • Nothing beats seeing the beauty of the Melbourne scenery from the sky in peaceful silence, watching the city slowly come to life as the sun rises.
  • The thrill of rising hundreds of metres into the air provides an endorphin-releasing (but safe!) thrill that will last long after your flight.
  • You can enjoy hot air balloon rides year round – your balloon moves with the wind, so you don’t feel any wind chill, and the three gas burners above you in the basket provide extra warmth.

What Sets BalloonMan Apart

BalloonMan’s attention to detail gives our guests the personalised service they deserve – we focus on providing amazing experiences for couples and small groups.

  • Our Melbourne air balloon rides vary depending on wind conditions, but you’re likely to float over the CBD and take in many of the gorgeous sites of Melbourne, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, MCG and Eureka Tower, Australia 108, Yarra River, Westgate Bridge, the Port Phillip bay area and much more.
  • BalloonMan’s licensed pilots and crew love watching our guests discover the mysterious magic of ballooning – seeing the wonder on their faces is our biggest reward.
  • We’ve earned the coveted certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor for the past 4 years.
  • BalloonMan flights end with a sumptuous 5-star champagne breakfast at the Grand Hyatt where you can relive your magical journey and get your official post flight certificate and a 3D digital map of your flight.
  • Live in the moment and bask in the beauty of the Melbourne air balloon ride – you’ll also get free in-flight photos and video of your trip.

About BalloonMan

We’ve been doing this longer than any other balloon operator in the Melbourne area, and we’ve recently started offering balloon rides in Bendigo. Safety is our number one priority – we hold ourselves to the highest safety and inspection standards, so relax and enjoy the flight! We don’t fly unless the weather conditions are perfect – if we need to cancel your flight, we’ll book you on another flight or offer you a full refund.

Book your balloon ride now; we’ll take care of everything and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.