Balloon Flight Melbourne

Planning your Balloon Flight in Melbourne

Whether you are a tourist or a local when you’re scheduling a balloon flight in Melbourne turn to BalloonMan. As the most experienced hot air balloon operator in Melbourne, At BalloonMan we give you the most beautiful views available and a luxury experience to match. Take in the romantic sunrise with balloon flights over Melbourne city areas thanks to our experienced group of pilots. Flying will never be the same once you’ve experienced the bliss of hot air ballooning.

Tips Regarding Balloon Flights Over Melbourne

The first time you fly in a hot air balloon should be comfortable, so keep the following advice in mind.

  • Relax: Nothing compares to having a 360 view of the landscape from a hot air balloon. It’s a unique flying experience without the noise of wings or engines. The gentle ride makes you feel at ease with the surrounding sky, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the float.
  • Rise Early: The early bird gets the worm, and the early balloon gets the views. To get the most out of our flight time, we begin one hour before sunrise. This lets passengers enjoy the unmatched sight of Melbourne coming to life below them. Trust us when we say, it’s worth the coffee chugging.
  • Don’t Over Dress: Wear what feels comfortable for you, according to the season, don’t wear extra; thinking it will be colder in the balloon. We don’t fly high enough for the temperature to drop, in fact it is warmer in the balloon than it is on the ground, waiting to get into the balloon. As you launch, the sun is rising warming the air naturally, there is no wind chill as you are moving with the wind, and the burners act like heaters, keeping you warm even on the coldest of days.

What Sets BalloonMan’s Hot Air Balloon Flights in Melbourne Apart

We love what we do, and our priority is making sure you love it too.

  • Most Experienced Pilot: For over 25 years we have been flying the skies of Melbourne giving tourists and locals an open-air experience of the city. We are the most experienced balloon operator in Melbourne and have built our reputation on safety and reliability.
  • Luxury Experience: We cater to smaller groups, including couples, because we believe quality is more important than quantity. At the end of the flight, you will be ready to enjoy a 5-star champagne breakfast at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.
  • Free Photos and Videos: After your ride, we provide you with copies of free in-flight photos. Thus you won’t have to worry over missed pictures during your flight. You can also experience it all over again in the comfort of your home with friends and family thanks to the free video given to you.

BalloonMan takes safety seriously, which is why all our pilots hold a Commercial Pilot’s License, undergo rigorous training, and have regular safety audits. As the most experienced Melbourne balloon service, we draw on years of experience to give you the most beautiful and relaxing flight imaginable. We want you to remember your trip which is why you will receive select goodies post-trip such as a 3D map of your flight over Melbourne as well as digital media and a flight certificate.

Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime. Book online today to schedule your next Hot Air Balloon flight.