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Gift Boxes for a Fun Hot Air Balloon Experience

To help you set the scene for the magic of a hot air balloon ride, organise one of our gift packs to really capture that special moment. It is simple to arrange, it could be delivered to your door today. The gift pack balloon can be labelled to match the occasion such as Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, Happy Engagement or Just Married, also numbered birthdays 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 etc...

The Balloon Flights Over Melbourne gift box comes with a well presented foil balloon that floats out of the silver gift box with the flight voucher attached. It really compliments the balloon gift theme. Gift packs may be delivered to your chosen location in Melbourne or can be available for pick-up from our head office at 10 Bond Street, Abbotsford, (Phone 03 9427 0088).

Be sure to provide us with a little notice to organise the gift pack.
Gift Pack Pick up: $30.00 inc GST

Be sure to arrange with us for an appropriate time for pick up.
Gift Pack Delivered: $40.00 inc GST

Most of metropolitan Melbourne, extra charges may apply to outer areas.

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