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7 Frequently Asked Questions About
Hot Air Ballooning over Melbourne

14/03/17 - A hot air balloon tour is a fantastic way to experience Melbourne city and one of the top things to do when visiting the city. We answer your top seven burning questions on hot air ballooning.

  •  1. Why are hot air balloon flights booked on early morning schedules?

Early mornings are the most opportune times for hot air ballooning. The winds are lightest at dawn, and we need settled conditions to operate a balloon safely. Later in the day when the temperatures heat up, balloons cannot fly safely.

  •  2. At what level do hot air balloons fly?

Hot air ballooning is usually experienced from tree top level to as high as 3000 feet. The optimal flight level is a low-level one as this affords the best vantage for viewing.

  •  3. I have a fear of heights. What do I need to know about a hot air balloon flight?

It is a very natural human reaction to have a fear of heights, after all, humans cannot fly.

However, after flying with us, many people who claim to be fearful then go on to confess to having enjoyed a pleasurable flight experience, (no fear whatsoever) as hot air balloons rise and float gently and slowly, there is absolutely no sensation of movement, as we are moving with the wind, minimising any uncomfortable sensations similar to motion sickness, there is none of this whatsoever. It’s not anything like being near the edge of a cliff or a tall building, as there is no fixed point of reference, so there is never a real fear of height experienced. 

  •  4. How is a hot air balloon navigated?

A fully licensed and experienced pilot is in control of the balloon, from beginning to end. Balloons are not steered, rather the pilot will climb and descend through various air currents, all these are travelling in different directions. The pilot will use these various wind directions to change the direction of the balloon’s flight path. Successful hot air ballooning is also very reliant on the pilot’s intimate knowledge of local geographic effects on the winds.

  •  5. What do I need to bring on a hot air balloon flight?

It is best that you bring only essential items along with you in the basket, as space is limited. Passengers are welcome to leave any bags, backpacks etc. in our vehicles, as the vehicle will follow us on the ground and meet us where we land. Items that prove most useful to carry on-board the flight include: a camera, sunglasses and a hat or cap.

  •  6. What should I wear?

It is important that you are comfortable during your flight so dress in layered clothing to keep the morning chill out and you can easily remove outer layers as the temperatures rise later on. Closed-toe, sturdy shoes are the best option to help you climb up into the basket and remember you will be on your feet throughout the flight.

  •  7. Is hot air ballooning governed by any regulations?

Yes, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA conducts routine airworthiness checks on hot air balloons which are all fully registered aircraft. Pilots are licensed, and need significant experience prior to flying in the airspace over Melbourne, plus they all need to be certified by CASA.


If you have any questions that are not addressed above, please contact us at BalloonMan. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff to address your concerns. We look forward to providing you with a safe and enjoyable hot air ballooning experience in the skies over Melbourne. We offer all of our passengers a 5-Star champagne buffet breakfast, in Collins Kitchen at the luxurious Grand Hyatt to celebrate their hot air balloon tour.

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Hot Air Ballooning Over Melbourne is always the Best!

5 Reasons Why You Should

Put A Hot Air Balloon Flight over Melbourne
On Your Bucket List Today

21/03/17 - One of the best ways to create memories that will be treasured forever is on a hot air balloon tour over Melbourne. From picture perfect panoramic views to sharing magical moments with that special someone, there are plenty of reasons why a hot air balloon ride should make your bucket list. We give you 5 of the most common reasons why we love the thrill of hot air ballooning to inspire your sense of adventure.


  • 1. Set the scene for romance

Is there any other scene that better brings together romance, adventure, fun and excitement than a hot air balloon ride? Maybe you’re looking for a special way to propose? What better way to pop the question and celebrate love than by floating gently across the spectacular Melbourne horizon?


  • 2. A bird’s eye view of scintillating vistas

We’re sure the stunning views of iconic Melbourne from thousands of feet above the ground will bring out the inner amateur photographer in you. Imagine the amazing perspective a 360 degree vantage point provides. This could be the start of a whole new love affair with you upgrading your interest in photography.


  • 3. Challenge your fears

A fear of heights is one of the more common phobias many people face. If this is one of your fears, a hot air balloon ride is one of the best ways to face this fear. Hot air balloons rise and float gently and slowly, there is absolutely no sensation of movement, as we are moving with the wind, minimising any uncomfortable sensations similar to motion sickness, there is none of this whatsoever. It’s not anything like being near the edge of a cliff or a tall building, as there is no fixed point of reference, so there is never a real fear of height experienced. 


  • 4. Benefit from an experienced professional hot air balloon company

One of the most critical factors that make for a pleasurable hot air ballooning experience is to choose an experienced tour company. Pilots and guides should be friendly and knowledgeable and thus able to provide the ultimate experience. Chief Pilot, Chris Shorten aka BalloonMan has over 24 years’ experience flying hot air balloons over Melbourne. His knowledge of Melbourne from the air is second to none.  Even Melbourne locals are sure to learn something new about their hometown, when they come fly with BalloonMan.


  • 5. Family friendly fun

Children from as young as six (6) years old can enjoy a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne, of course they need be tall enough to look over the basket.


Say YES to the adventure of a lifetime. Book a hot air balloon tour in Melbourne with BalloonMan. You will love our professionalism and passion for hot air ballooning. At the end of your flight be sure and join us for the 5-Star Champagne Breakfast in Collins Kitchen at Grand Hyatt where we enjoy the luxury of our very own private dining room.

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A new day begins - Ballooning over Melbourne at Sunrise

Top Tips

To Ensure Your First Flight In A Hot Air Balloon In Melbourne Is An Uplifting One

05/04/17 - Planning a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne? Here are a few simple tips to keep top of mind to ensure your ballooning adventure is a comfortable and pleasurable one. 

Watching the sun rise over the horizon while floating high above Melbourne in a hot air balloon is one of the most magical experiences you can have. If you’re booking a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne, make your high flying adventure a memorable one with these top tips from the experts.

 Schedule your hot air balloon trip at the beginning of your holiday

Hot air balloon flights are very dependent on the weather conditions of that day. Scheduling your flight as early in your time in Melbourne as possible and by allowing some flexibility in your itinerary, you can give yourself the opportunity to reschedule your flight; should the weather not be suitable for a balloon flight on the day you have initially chosen.

 Dress comfortably

Hot air balloon tours in Melbourne are always flown early in the mornings. 

We recommend you wear what feels most comfortable for you at that time in the morning, dependant on season and time of year. Hot air balloons don’t normally fly high enough for the actual temperature to drop and you will find it is actually warmer once we leave the ground. There is actually no wind chill, as you are drifting with the wind, at exactly the same speed, the sun is rising, naturally warming the air and the burners act like heaters, generating a nice warmth for everyone in the balloon basket. Wearing extra clothing, thinking it will be colder in the balloon is not recommended.

Comfort is key as is wearing shoes (preferably closed-toe) that you’re happy to get a little dirty and ones you can easily climb into and out of the basket with.

 Don’t forget your sunglasses!

This is easily forgotten. The day of your scheduled flight begins before sunrise so taking along a pair of sunglasses may not be one of the things you will remember to pack. They will come in handy when the sun rises.

 Take along only the essentials

Packing lightly is even more of a necessity on a hot air balloon ride. Space in the basket is limited and you will be part of a group. Your list of essential items should but need not include a mobile phone and a camera. In fact, when you fly with BalloonMan, you don’t really need to bring a camera, as we will be taking some great photos, that we will give you as part of your whole ballooning experience with us.

 Plus, when you fly with BalloonMan, you’ll also be lucky enough to receive something nobody else in the world provides to their passengers: a video of your flight.

 Ensure anything you bring on the flight is well secured to your person. You don’t want to make your flight memorable for having dropped your camera. Aviation Regulations dictate that we are not permitted to have selfie sticks used during the flight. Bags and backpacks can be left secure in our vehicle whilst you are flying.  


Experience Melbourne from a different perspective. 

Your Chief Pilot and host, Chris Shorten, aka BalloonMan has more than 24 years’ experience flying hot air balloons over the city of Melbourne, ensuring that your hot air balloon ride over Melbourne provides you with a lifetime’s worth of memories.

What we offer at BalloonMan is a premium boutique flight, small group tours of no more than 10 passengers, at the end of your morning flight, we recommend you include a delicious 5-Star champagne breakfast, which is served at Grand Hyatt in Collins Kitchen.

We have our breakfast in our very own private dining room, which is simply the perfect way to celebrate such an unforgettable experience.


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Celebrate Your Executive Coaches With A Thank You Balloon Ride

27/04/17 - Did you know that 1 May is Executive Coaching Day? What better way to thank your team than with an unforgettable hot air ballooning experience in Melbourne? 

Every business that has used the services of an Executive Coach has come to appreciate what they bring to the table, so it’s no surprise that Executive Coaches around the world now have their very own unofficial holiday on May 1st – Executive Coaches Day. If you are thinking of how you could possibly say thanks to such an indispensable member of your team, then BalloonMan has some ideas for you – and of course it involves a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne!

Most businesses agree that hiring an Executive Coach is a great investment. They help businesses to increase the performance and productivity of existing staff members, motivate them and also improve the quality of life of leaders by allowing them to manage their time and resources better. It’s why it’s worthwhile investing in them and making sure that they feel appreciated as members of your business – even if they aren’t permanent staff members and only provide occasional guidance.

You could opt for the usual corporate gifts like fancy dinners out or even golf days, but these kinds of gifts are common and are unlikely to leave an impression on any Executive Coaching team. Why not give them something truly unique, like a hot air ballooning experience over Melbourne?
BalloonMan offers amazing gift boxes. The BalloonMan gift box can be delivered to any location within metropolitan Melbourne or you can pick it up from our premises in Abbotsford.

It’s an easy and convenient gift – not to mention one that stands out from the crowd. literally. We can’t think of a better way to reward your Executive Coaching team – or any other key members of staff either!


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