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Why Hot Air Balloon Rides In Melbourne Only Take Place At Sunrise?

27/07/17 - Why do hot air balloon flights occur only at sunrise? We've got the answers right here, and believe us, it's more than just because the view is more beautiful.

Safety is our number one priority. Several of our customers have asked us why we do not operate during the day and into the afternoon — so we've decided to give you a proper explanation.

Before we delve into the science of it all, we’d like to ask you something? What better time is there to overlook Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens than at the gentle peacefulness of the stillness of dawn?

But let’s get on with the reason we fly our hot air balloon rides at Sunrise, it’s simple:

  •  Calm Conditions

 For the envelope (this is the actual balloon) to rise the pilot heat up the inside of the envelope with hot air to cause the air inside the balloon to become less dense and lighter than the air outside the envelope. When this happens, the balloon can lift.

 The amount of lift depends on the difference between the temperature of the air inside the balloon and the temperature of the air outside the balloon. Sunrise is the ideal time for pilots to utilise the cooler calm conditions.

  •  Day-time influence

 The temperature during the day increases, and by midday, the rising temperature from the ground causes a phenomenon called Thermals, which are like long columns of air pockets that rush up and down. The Thermals can cause drafts in the atmosphere, which would directly affect the control a pilot has on the hot-air balloon.

  • Other factors

 Typically, during the day, the fast-moving air at higher altitudes mixes with the cooler and slower-moving air from the curvature of the earth, which can cause gusts of particularly unpredictable winds. Of course, this will affect the level of control pilots have, regarding steering and managing the buoyancy mid-air.

 For these reasons, Balloonman only offers flights at Sunrise. But there is something fantastically beneficial about this scientific restriction — this is the best time to take in the views of the Melbourne

 Think of the great places you can see while flying over Melbourne: we often fly over sites such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Yarra River, Rialto Tower, Arts Centre and so many other of our pristine parks, gardens and wonderful landmarks.

 Call us today on 1800 HOT AIR (1800 468 247) or Book Online and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.


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A hot air balloon ride is the experience of a lifetime.

We want your experience to be unforgettable, so here are some tips to consider for your next hot air balloon trip.

13/07/17 - You’ve Booked Your Hot Air Balloon Flight, But Do You Have Everything You Need? Complete our Checklist and Make Your Trip the Best One Yet!

Recently the Australian Ballooning Federation (ABF) released an article detailing the checklist pilots must perform to ensure that they are ready to safely pilot their hot air balloons. We applaud the ABF’s commitment to safety, and realised that not many first-time hot air balloon adventurers are sure how to prepare for their ride.

To help make the experience a breath-taking one, we’ve put together a couple of pointers you should consider before your next or first hot air balloon ride.

Mental and physical condition

 Get a good night’s rest in, so that you’re awake and ready to see the splendour of the Australian countryside like never, before.

 Also, we suggest you make sure you’ve had a trip to the loo before we take off.


 Hot air balloon dress code

 Casual comfortable clothing is recommended, wear what feels comfortable to you depending on the season, don’t over dress in the belief it will be colder in the air as it is in fact warmer.

The sun is rising, naturally warming the air, there is no wind chill as you are moving with the wind, plus you have burners above your head that act like heaters.

Since hot air balloons often land in fields, we suggest you wear shoes and socks that can handle the terrain. No matter what the season, we always recommend that our guests wear sunscreen.


What you can bring along

 There are no necessities you must bring along, except a sense of joy, seeing as you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime, but there are some items you can bring with you, if you like.

 Sunglasses often come in handy on a hot air balloon trip, as does a small camera or just your smartphone. (Remember to keep a tight grip on your valuables!) If you want to bring larger photographic equipment, contact us ahead of time to see if it will be possible to accommodate you.

 We are committed make every hot air balloon ride a safe and enjoyable experience for all our passengers. So, join us for your next hot air balloon ride, safe in the knowledge that we’ve taken care of all the important parts, and that you’re about to see something amazing!

If you need any more information regarding hot air balloon safety and our commitment to your safety, or want to book your hot air balloon flight, don’t hesitate to contact us today!
Call 1800 HOT AIR (1800 468 247) or simply send us an email

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Even the inflation is a fun expereince

Unsure If A Hot Air Balloon Ride Is The Right Experience For You?

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Come Fly with Us ASAP!

29/06/17 - Hot air balloon rides with BalloonMan can offer you the opportunity to experience Melbourne in a unique way. Read here to find out why your next outing should be a hot air balloon one! The get in touch!

You’ve heard about the great times your friends have had on their hot air balloon rides, but you’re not exactly sure it’s for you. If you’ve been looking for the right reason to go on your first hot air balloon ride, or need an idea for a great occasion, we’ve got some ballooning ideas just for you.

 A new way of looking at things

 If you ask anyone that’s been on a hot air balloon ride, they’ll tell you that it gives you views of Melbourne that cannot be seen in any other way. On your ride you’ll get to see Melbourne vistas like never before, and catch a glimpse of our cities unique beauty.

 Get a new perspective, just like the legends

It’s said that what separates us from the legends of our time is the fact that they continuously come up with new ways of seeing things. Makes sense, seeing how many industry leaders and brilliant minds, from Sir Richard Branson to famed astrophysicist Steven Hawking, have been on hot air balloon rides. Why not come for a ride, and see the world in the same way as they have?

 It’s great for special occasions

If you’re looking to spice up an outing, or looking to do something that’s special and something a bit more out of the ordinary on days like Mother’s or Father’s Day, a hot air balloon ride can be just the thing. Give the gift of impeccable views, and a once in a lifetime experience.

 And of course, there are really, really… special occasions

If you’re ready to ask the big question, and are keen to do something more than a dinner at a fancy restaurant, a hot air balloon ride on that special day is an experience you and your life partner are sure to remember for the rest of your long and happy life together.

 It’s an excellent choice for buckets with lists in them

We keep going on about the once in a lifetime experience thing, but we feel that thousands of happy balloon riders can’t all be wrong. If you want a unique experience, catching the sights and sounds of our city, while not having to worry about driving, a hot air balloon ride should be on your to do list.

 If you’re interested in seeing Melbourne like never before, contact us today to schedule your hot air balloon ride!

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Schedule your Balloon Flight today!

Do you truly want to be happy?

09/06/17 - Did you know that people get more happiness from spending on experiences than they do by spending on things? Why not start by booking that hot air balloon ride?

Then science says you should spend more money on once in a lifetime experiences than material things…

We’ve all seen the bumper sticker that says “Collect Moments, Not Things”. But did you know that there is actually a lot of truth in this statement? According to research conducted by the San Francisco State University that was published in the online Journal of Positive Psychology, people often buy material things, believing it will bring them happiness and that it is a better use of money. However when it comes to things that actually improve one’s wellbeing, experiences come out on top.

There has been much research dedicated to the topic of experiences versus things, and they all offer unique insights into why people should be choosing one over the other. Many studies show that material purchases don’t provide long lasting pleasure because we soon grow accustomed to them. It’s the old saying: “The novelty wears off”.

Often a better version of what we have purchased will come out just after we’ve bought it, making us regret our purchase. We also often enjoy the anticipation and build up to the purchase more than the actual purchase itself. The moment we complete the purchase the thrill is over and we’re left seeking more.

The good thing about choosing an experience over a thing is that it doesn’t have to be dramatic or flashy to work. Many people assume that for an experience to be beneficial, it needs to be expensive or large – like climbing Mount Everest or taking a month off to explore Europe. Research shows that the experience can be small or short and still have a very positive affect on a person’s wellbeing. It also shows that when we share experiences with people close to us, we feel more connected with them – something that does not happen during shared enjoyment of a material object.

So the next time you have some cash to spare and are considering buying the latest smart gadget or popular fashion accessory, ask yourself if you will still enjoy it in a month’s time. Perhaps a better use of your money would be to take your spouse for a sunrise hot air balloon ride instead. This way you can build long lasting memories and a better emotional connection that will last long after your ride is over.

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BalloonMan from above

No better place quite like floating above Melbourne in a hot air balloon

17/05/17 - The great heights of a hot air balloon flight provide the best view from which to appreciate the visual delights of Melbourne. Contact BalloonMan today.

Where else can you experience riveting 360º views over Melbourne at a leisurely pace other than on a hot air balloon flight? For many, ballooning is regarded as a photographer’s paradise thanks to the great many fantastic photo opportunities it provides. Just remember not to keep your finger in front of the camera, and you are ready to go.

Think you know Melbourne city well? Take the hot air balloon test. There is no better way to experience Melbourne than seeing it from the dazzling heights above. Up the viewing stakes by scoring the highest number of iconic landmarks spotted. Compete with your friends and try and locate as many of the city’s landmarks from above. You might just impress the pilot.

Lovely Melbourne on show from above.

Melbourne is the largest city in the world that can be flown across in a hot air balloon. Nowhere else in the world do balloons fly over a city of 4½ million people.

There is so much to get excited by as you drift gently with the wind across the city. Visually unique from a bird’s eye view vantage point, Melbourne is awash with the golden glow of the rising sun. Be spellbound by the hundreds of hectares of sculpted parks and gardens that exist surrounded by majestic high rises.

From this amazing vantage point, you can see iconic landmarks such as the MCG, Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens, the Yarra River and the modern architectural masterpiece, Eureka Tower. Melbourne earns top marks for its distinct architectural gems from Gothic Revival influences like St. Pauls Cathedral to modernist Albert Park racetrack to the hard-to-miss Melbourne Cricket Ground.

No jarring traffic noises or the greasy smell of exhaust fumes just good clean, unpolluted air and perhaps the company of a flock of birds. For an exhilarating ballooning experience in Melbourne make BalloonMan the one you choose to fly with.

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BalloonMan reflection, flying over Melbourne

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Experiences, Not Things

Like An Australia Hot Air Balloon Ride!

01/05/17 - How can you say thank you to the person who gave you; life? This Mother’s Day, celebrate her with an unforgettable Australian hot air balloon ride!

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Experiences, Not Things – Like An Australia Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Mother’s Day is a major holiday all over the world, and Australia is no different. It is one day out of many where we can thank the mothers in our lives for the hours of unpaid, often thankless work they do every day. Of course this means that you want to splash out on something special and unforgettable, and you aren’t the only one.

Research shows that most people celebrate Mother’s Day and that most people plan on topping whatever they spent the year before. It also shows that most people opt for the usual gifts like jewellery, special meals, flowers, gift cards, clothing, electronics and pampering services.

However, for the first time this trend is starting to change – and more people are choosing experiences over things.
People are coming to realise that while meals are forgettable and electronics break, experiences last for a lifetime and they can also be enjoyed together with the person you’re celebrating on Mother’s Day.

In addition, choosing perfume, jewellery or clothing is something many women can and do purchase for themselves. So if you’re looking for something besides the usual Mother’s Day brunches, why not surprise the mum in your life with an hour long hot air balloon flight over Melbourne City, followed by a scrumptious, award winning 5-star champagne breakfast in a private dining room at the Melbourne Grand Hyatt – all arranged and coordinated by BalloonMan?

Not only can she enjoy watching the sun rise over Melbourne with a glass of champagne, but she can also walk away with a post flight certificate and in-flight photos and video to commemorate her experience.

We also offer a complimentary hotel pickup from inner city hotels, so if you’re travelling in from outside of Melbourne it’s also the perfect opportunity to combine a luxury weekend away with your Mother’s Day balloon ride.

To find out more about booking such an experience for Mother’s Day, why not call us on 1800 Hot Air (1800 468 247) or check out for the perfect package.

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Up Up and away, hot air ballooning over Melbourne

Celebrate Your Executive Coaches With A Thank You Balloon Ride

27/04/17 - Did you know that 1 May is Executive Coaching Day? What better way to thank your team than with an unforgettable hot air ballooning experience in Melbourne? 

Every business that has used the services of an Executive Coach has come to appreciate what they bring to the table, so it’s no surprise that Executive Coaches around the world now have their very own unofficial holiday on May 1st – Executive Coaches Day. If you are thinking of how you could possibly say thanks to such an indispensable member of your team, then BalloonMan has some ideas for you – and of course it involves a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne!

Most businesses agree that hiring an Executive Coach is a great investment. They help businesses to increase the performance and productivity of existing staff members, motivate them and also improve the quality of life of leaders by allowing them to manage their time and resources better. It’s why it’s worthwhile investing in them and making sure that they feel appreciated as members of your business – even if they aren’t permanent staff members and only provide occasional guidance.

You could opt for the usual corporate gifts like fancy dinners out or even golf days, but these kinds of gifts are common and are unlikely to leave an impression on any Executive Coaching team. Why not give them something truly unique, like a hot air ballooning experience over Melbourne?
BalloonMan offers amazing gift boxes. The BalloonMan gift box can be delivered to any location within metropolitan Melbourne or you can pick it up from our premises in Abbotsford.

It’s an easy and convenient gift – not to mention one that stands out from the crowd. literally. We can’t think of a better way to reward your Executive Coaching team – or any other key members of staff either!


Top Tips

To Ensure Your First Flight In A Hot Air Balloon In Melbourne Is An Uplifting One

05/04/17 - Planning a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne? Here are a few simple tips to keep top of mind to ensure your ballooning adventure is a comfortable and pleasurable one. 

Watching the sun rise over the horizon while floating high above Melbourne in a hot air balloon is one of the most magical experiences you can have. If you’re booking a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne, make your high flying adventure a memorable one with these top tips from the experts.

 Schedule your hot air balloon trip at the beginning of your holiday

Hot air balloon flights are very dependent on the weather conditions of that day. Scheduling your flight as early in your time in Melbourne as possible and by allowing some flexibility in your itinerary, you can give yourself the opportunity to reschedule your flight; should the weather not be suitable for a balloon flight on the day you have initially chosen.

 Dress comfortably

Hot air balloon tours in Melbourne are always flown early in the mornings. 

We recommend you wear what feels most comfortable for you at that time in the morning, dependant on season and time of year. Hot air balloons don’t normally fly high enough for the actual temperature to drop and you will find it is actually warmer once we leave the ground. There is actually no wind chill, as you are drifting with the wind, at exactly the same speed, the sun is rising, naturally warming the air and the burners act like heaters, generating a nice warmth for everyone in the balloon basket. Wearing extra clothing, thinking it will be colder in the balloon is not recommended.

Comfort is key as is wearing shoes (preferably closed-toe) that you’re happy to get a little dirty and ones you can easily climb into and out of the basket with.

 Don’t forget your sunglasses!

This is easily forgotten. The day of your scheduled flight begins before sunrise so taking along a pair of sunglasses may not be one of the things you will remember to pack. They will come in handy when the sun rises.

 Take along only the essentials

Packing lightly is even more of a necessity on a hot air balloon ride. Space in the basket is limited and you will be part of a group. Your list of essential items should but need not include a mobile phone and a camera. In fact, when you fly with BalloonMan, you don’t really need to bring a camera, as we will be taking some great photos, that we will give you as part of your whole ballooning experience with us.

 Plus, when you fly with BalloonMan, you’ll also be lucky enough to receive something nobody else in the world provides to their passengers: a video of your flight.

 Ensure anything you bring on the flight is well secured to your person. You don’t want to make your flight memorable for having dropped your camera. Aviation Regulations dictate that we are not permitted to have selfie sticks used during the flight. Bags and backpacks can be left secure in our vehicle whilst you are flying.  


Experience Melbourne from a different perspective. 

Your Chief Pilot and host, Chris Shorten, aka BalloonMan has more than 24 years’ experience flying hot air balloons over the city of Melbourne, ensuring that your hot air balloon ride over Melbourne provides you with a lifetime’s worth of memories.

What we offer at BalloonMan is a premium boutique flight, small group tours of no more than 10 passengers, at the end of your morning flight, we recommend you include a delicious 5-Star champagne breakfast, which is served at Grand Hyatt in Collins Kitchen.

We have our breakfast in our very own private dining room, which is simply the perfect way to celebrate such an unforgettable experience.


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Hot air Balloon Rides Melbourne

5 Reasons Why You Should

Put A Hot Air Balloon Flight over Melbourne
On Your Bucket List Today

21/03/17 - One of the best ways to create memories that will be treasured forever is on a hot air balloon tour over Melbourne. From picture perfect panoramic views to sharing magical moments with that special someone, there are plenty of reasons why a hot air balloon ride should make your bucket list. We give you 5 of the most common reasons why we love the thrill of hot air ballooning to inspire your sense of adventure.


  • 1. Set the scene for romance

Is there any other scene that better brings together romance, adventure, fun and excitement than a hot air balloon ride? Maybe you’re looking for a special way to propose? What better way to pop the question and celebrate love than by floating gently across the spectacular Melbourne horizon?


  • 2. A bird’s eye view of scintillating vistas

We’re sure the stunning views of iconic Melbourne from thousands of feet above the ground will bring out the inner amateur photographer in you. Imagine the amazing perspective a 360 degree vantage point provides. This could be the start of a whole new love affair with you upgrading your interest in photography.


  • 3. Challenge your fears

A fear of heights is one of the more common phobias many people face. If this is one of your fears, a hot air balloon ride is one of the best ways to face this fear. Hot air balloons rise and float gently and slowly, there is absolutely no sensation of movement, as we are moving with the wind, minimising any uncomfortable sensations similar to motion sickness, there is none of this whatsoever. It’s not anything like being near the edge of a cliff or a tall building, as there is no fixed point of reference, so there is never a real fear of height experienced. 


  • 4. Benefit from an experienced professional hot air balloon company

One of the most critical factors that make for a pleasurable hot air ballooning experience is to choose an experienced tour company. Pilots and guides should be friendly and knowledgeable and thus able to provide the ultimate experience. Chief Pilot, Chris Shorten aka BalloonMan has over 24 years’ experience flying hot air balloons over Melbourne. His knowledge of Melbourne from the air is second to none.  Even Melbourne locals are sure to learn something new about their hometown, when they come fly with BalloonMan.


  • 5. Family friendly fun

Children from as young as six (6) years old can enjoy a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne, of course they need be tall enough to look over the basket.


Say YES to the adventure of a lifetime. Book a hot air balloon tour in Melbourne with BalloonMan. You will love our professionalism and passion for hot air ballooning. At the end of your flight be sure and join us for the 5-Star Champagne Breakfast in Collins Kitchen at Grand Hyatt where we enjoy the luxury of our very own private dining room.

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A new day begins - Ballooning over Melbourne at Sunrise

7 Frequently Asked Questions About
Hot Air Ballooning over Melbourne

14/03/17 - A hot air balloon tour is a fantastic way to experience Melbourne city and one of the top things to do when visiting the city. We answer your top seven burning questions on hot air ballooning.

  •  1. Why are hot air balloon flights booked on early morning schedules?

Early mornings are the most opportune times for hot air ballooning. The winds are lightest at dawn, and we need settled conditions to operate a balloon safely. Later in the day when the temperatures heat up, balloons cannot fly safely.

  •  2. At what level do hot air balloons fly?

Hot air ballooning is usually experienced from tree top level to as high as 3000 feet. The optimal flight level is a low-level one as this affords the best vantage for viewing.

  •  3. I have a fear of heights. What do I need to know about a hot air balloon flight?

It is a very natural human reaction to have a fear of heights, after all, humans cannot fly.

However, after flying with us, many people who claim to be fearful then go on to confess to having enjoyed a pleasurable flight experience, (no fear whatsoever) as hot air balloons rise and float gently and slowly, there is absolutely no sensation of movement, as we are moving with the wind, minimising any uncomfortable sensations similar to motion sickness, there is none of this whatsoever. It’s not anything like being near the edge of a cliff or a tall building, as there is no fixed point of reference, so there is never a real fear of height experienced. 

  •  4. How is a hot air balloon navigated?

A fully licensed and experienced pilot is in control of the balloon, from beginning to end. Balloons are not steered, rather the pilot will climb and descend through various air currents, all these are travelling in different directions. The pilot will use these various wind directions to change the direction of the balloon’s flight path. Successful hot air ballooning is also very reliant on the pilot’s intimate knowledge of local geographic effects on the winds.

  •  5. What do I need to bring on a hot air balloon flight?

It is best that you bring only essential items along with you in the basket, as space is limited. Passengers are welcome to leave any bags, backpacks etc. in our vehicles, as the vehicle will follow us on the ground and meet us where we land. Items that prove most useful to carry on-board the flight include: a camera, sunglasses and a hat or cap.

  •  6. What should I wear?

It is important that you are comfortable during your flight so dress in layered clothing to keep the morning chill out and you can easily remove outer layers as the temperatures rise later on. Closed-toe, sturdy shoes are the best option to help you climb up into the basket and remember you will be on your feet throughout the flight.

  •  7. Is hot air ballooning governed by any regulations?

Yes, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA conducts routine airworthiness checks on hot air balloons which are all fully registered aircraft. Pilots are licensed, and need significant experience prior to flying in the airspace over Melbourne, plus they all need to be certified by CASA.


If you have any questions that are not addressed above, please contact us at BalloonMan. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff to address your concerns. We look forward to providing you with a safe and enjoyable hot air ballooning experience in the skies over Melbourne. We offer all of our passengers a 5-Star champagne buffet breakfast, in Collins Kitchen at the luxurious Grand Hyatt to celebrate their hot air balloon tour.

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Hot Air Ballooning Over Melbourne is always the Best!

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